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Mods / admins try too hard. Horrible UI, terribly run website. Not impressed



Bad review is a ban

The staff dont like bad reviews or people giving input.



Absolutely horrible

staff are stupid, powerhungry 14 year olds, UI is horrible and hoodlum just bans anyone he pleases

Major Command In-Game Feature Overview

Major Command Risk – Video Major Command Game Screen options and Features What’s up, guys? Badorties here and I’m just going to quickly run down the in-game features that you’ll see at Major Command while you’re playing a game. To start it off, I’m playing a game with Codanostra on the Classic Evolved map which is sort of our basic map. The “Begin Turn” button w...[Read More]

5 Essential Risk Game Strategies For Beginners

1. Never attack with less than three troops. Four is the minimum amount you need to roll with three dice, meaning your best odds as an attacker. 2. Do not extend yourself to take a bonus unless you can defend it. I see it all the time. New players eager for some extra troops manage to cling to some continent, but then have weak defenses. 3. Another risk game strategy. Only make a few moves in the ...[Read More]

Major Command Risk – Basic Turn

Make a basic turn when playing Major Command Risk This video describes how to take a basic turn. It includes choosing the colors for your army, deploying, attacking, reinforcing, and ending you turn. What’s up, people? Badorties here. So you’ve gotten yourself into a game. I’m going to show you how to take a basic turn. If you’ve already played similar to Major Command Risk...[Read More]



Do it

I joined the community in 2013 because I had a lot of time to kill at my new business. Now I don’t have that time really, but I still make time to come back and play because the community is so good. Past gamers welcomed my back with open arms, and new gamers put up with me! This is a site for those who are serious about gaming, but also want to have fun. I wouldn’t want to play online...[Read More]



Major problems don’t get solved

1) Having 1st turn means you’ve got a 62% chance of beating your opponent (in a 2 player game, against an equally experienced opponent) 2) You can’t quit a game that you’re obviously gonna lose so if you don’t spend another 5-15 minutes finishing this game to help your opponent cash their points, opponent is likely to complain, rate you dishonorable or even leave a negative...[Read More]



Terrible sit to play

not a fun site at all, no reason to even waste your time.  Bad choice of maps, poor computer interface.  Program locks.



LandGrab is awesome!

OK, so first of all, I’m bias. I’m a member on LandGrab, and have been since 2010. I’ve stuck around all this time because I genuinely love the site. It’s so much more than classic Risk. So yes, most maps are of poor quality, but there’s 5 different categories of maps, and those rated Gold or Silver are generally of very high quality. LG has some amazing mapmakers, an...[Read More]



So You’re a Gamer?

So You’re a Gamer?  -by Redstorm If you’re reading this then you probably love the thrill of killing, maiming, beating or conquering things in your game of choice, probably against an AI game engine.  Do you get tired of beating that computer opponent so easily?  Well, what about playing against another human being or several at the same time? It’s so much better!  I have always preferred the conq...[Read More]




An ok risk site. Maps are good. Live games, not many players.

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