Major problems don’t get solved

1) Having 1st turn means you’ve got a 62% chance of beating your opponent (in a 2 player game, against an equally experienced opponent) 2) You can’t quit a game that you’re obviously gonna lose so if you don’t spend another 5-15 minutes finishing this game to help your opponent cash their points, opponent is likely to complain, rate you dishonorable or even leave a negative...[Read More]



Terrible sit to play

not a fun site at all, no reason to even waste your time.  Bad choice of maps, poor computer interface.  Program locks.



LandGrab is awesome!

OK, so first of all, I’m bias. I’m a member on LandGrab, and have been since 2010. I’ve stuck around all this time because I genuinely love the site. It’s so much more than classic Risk. So yes, most maps are of poor quality, but there’s 5 different categories of maps, and those rated Gold or Silver are generally of very high quality. LG has some amazing mapmakers, an...[Read More]

How to Win Risk Game – Strategy Guide

Win Risk Strategy Guide Want to know how to win a Risk Game? Well you’re in luck. Here is the first in a series of strategy articles about How to Win Risk. Online Risk can be very different than the standard board games, so here are some winning strategy tips to get you started. How to win Risk game online? Keep It Simple (Maps) Anyone who’s played the boardgame is familiar with the “classic...[Read More]

Board Games

The Twelve Domains – New Map

New map Introduction: The Twelve Domains by Major Command Hi, everybody. It’s the Shepherd here and I would like to introduce to you our new map called The Twelve Domains. It is unique conquest map. A conquest map is one on which each player starts with limited started regions. In the case of this map, there are 12 little castles around the map and those are your only starting points. WeR...[Read More]

Evolved Map – A Cornerstone Of MajorCommand.com

The Classic: Evolved Map Video transcription: Hey, guys, BeanZ here. I’m going to do a walkthrough of my game and it’s Hadha in here. I’m trying to zoom out, but I can’t do it so I had to be temperamental [ph] if you zoom out at my root boxes. But hopefully, if I refresh this other page, it might be okay. Here we go. I had a really good first turn in this game. What I did w...[Read More]




LandGrab Net – Review

Landgrab is another older site but they have kept on innovating. While the interface is decent, the maps are mostly poor quality as anyone can upload anything, but there are some standouts. The real strength of LandGrab is in its endless rule customization which can offer a lot of replay value. The community is strong but is mostly confined to the forums.

Major Command Nukes, a New Risk Map

New Risk Map – Introduction to NUKES by Major Command Hey, guys. So I just wanted to go over this new Risk map that we’re releasing here this evening. It’s called “Nukes” It’s very innovative, it’s a great two-player map, but you can certainly play on it with more players. It was designed and the graphics are all by WidowMakers. The gameplay is by myself and Incandenz...[Read More]

Major Command – Join Real Time Games

How to Join Real Time Games at MajorCommand.com What’s up, people? So, you want to join real time games? What you want to do first is go to the “Games” tab right here. This will show the games you’re in and et cetera. You want to click the “Join a game” button under the “Real Time” section. Just click that. Now you are at the Real Time Join page. This is all the other people who are ac...[Read More]

Major Command New Users – First Steps

First Steps To New Users – Video What’s up, new users? Badorties here. Welcome to Major Command. If you’re looking at this screen right now, you’re probably a new player. You should probably read at least this first page – lots of good information there. But you’ll also probably want to get into a game pretty quickly so I’m going to show you how to new users sig...[Read More]

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