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Conquer Club is the oldest site to play Risk online, but it is by far not the best. Conquer Club has been around for a long time and it shows. It's built up a large pool of game players and maps, but not much else. The gaming interface is cumbersome and outdated, and the actual maps are pretty unappealing to look at. Conquer Club hasn't seen a face-lift since it started in 2006, and it is not easy to navigate. This online Risk site has seen better days. The community is still strong, but out of control discussions about politics and religion plague the forums and the concept of playing Risk online has been forgotten. Not surprisingly the active user base have been trending downwards for a couple years.

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Conquer Club Risk Germany Gameplay Part 1

Conquer Club Risk Germany Gameplay Part 1 Video Watch this 30 Minute Video by Conquer Club Risk “In this episode, I invade Germany and try to take over the whole country for myself! I’ve decided to break this video into three parts, at first I thought I would just post this as one video ...[Read More]

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