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** Please Read Update At The Bottom Of The Page Regarding Cheating ** Dominating12 makes a valid attempt to improve upon ConquerClub but is not ambitious enough. The interface is moderately better, but without a large selection of maps and a vibrant community, it just can't compete. Still, it's cleaner and functions quite well. There has been some change in ownership so its vitality is in question.

Dominating 12 .com Review

dominating 12 Risk game online

Dominating 12 Risk gives users the chance to play Risk online with other players across the world. The Dominating 12 website interface is a lot more polished compared to many other popular alternatives. You’re constantly given useful sound and visual prompts that show you what turn you are on, but also what other game users are currently doing so you’re not left wondering whether the other players in the game are actually at their computer.

It’s easy to play risk at Dominating 12 – the welcoming interface and step by step tutorials make it quick and effortless even for the most novice players to understand how to use the website. Despite the simplicity, you’ll find a wide range of skill levels on this website, which brings me to my next point.

There is an in-depth skill point system that follows in the same vein as the elo system used for chess players. By beating a participant with more skill points than you, you’ll gain a great increase in your own skill points. Lose to a player with less skill points however, and you’ll lose considerably more points. The impact on your skill points is minimal when the opposite scenarios happen.


There is an entire page on the Dominating 12 website dedicated to others rankings, and on this page you can see various stats of all players, including skill level and total games played. Whilst there is no tournament play on Dominating 12, unlike other online risk websites, this stats page creates a friendly competitive nature throughout the community.

The community is another area that should be mentioned. Whilst there is no friending feature, every profile has it’s own profile page, and when visited, you can send private messages to the profile in question. You can also use the profile page to view previous games played with you or other members of the website.

On the forum section you’ll be able to communicate with users about game-play, tactics and new map designs. The dominating 12 forum can be used as a general space to socialize with the community. The forum is tied in with the profiles mentioned beforehand, and these profiles are also integrated into gameplay. Whenever you see somebody’s name, whether in or out of a game, you can click on it to view more information about that person.

I’d next like to touch on the game-play aspects of the Dominating12 strategy game. There is a huge variety on this website – in total, there are currently over 40 different map designs, and three different modes of play.

Dominating12_Mediterranean Sea

Players are forced to set up and host their own games, but this gives a lot of creative freedom over what options and what rules are selected. This is something we’ve seen in other websites before, such as Major Command, and it proved to be a very popular way of doing things there.

In-game, user will take it in turns to initiate their moves. Dominating 12 is as close to vanilla risk as you could possibly ask for – dice rolls are used to make offensive plays on the attack phase, and the defender gets the advantage if the same dice numbers are rolled. Players can gain more armies by claiming more territories or holding entire continents.

The variation in the games you will play will be down to the three game modes you can choose from. If you pick death-match, the game ends when all users but one have been eliminated. Capitals allows players to win by holding capitals of countries. Finally, domination is a shorter version of deathmatch that allows players to win as soon as they hold the majority of territories.

As you would expect, you can pick between real time and long term games, although the vast majority of the community spend their time playing long term titles.

Unfortunately, free members can only play up to five long term games and one real time at once. To remove your play limit you must upgrade to premium, which costs $25 a year. Premium offers extra features too, including early access to new maps and special rank icons.

Dominating 12 is free from advertising, so the premium option is certainly understandable and the extra benefits offer a little thank you for paying members.

Dominating 12 Risk Game Summary

From my first impressions, Dominating 12 offers a lot across the board. My only gripes with the website is that using dice rolls makes luck a large aspect of each game. There are of course strategies that can be used to outplay your opponents, but it’s always frustrating to see that 1 man army holding up against waves upon waves of your own armies. On other websites, dice play isn’t 100% necessary, and my favorite so far for this is Major Command – you can use dice rolls, but you can also enjoy games without dice.

Finally, there are a few rules that you may be frustrated with. For example, suiciders are not welcome on Dominating 12, so if you see yourself losing and want to start a new game, killing yourself off is frowned upon. You can’t ally up with players unless you announce it in game chat, either.

Overall, Dominating 12 is a great online risk game that has one of the best web interfaces on the internet. If you don’t mind the few small issues on this website, there is very little to be upset about.


** Reports of Cheating **

It has come to our attention from a couple of very reliable sources, that the new owners over at D12 (Dominating 12) have broken the first and only rule of online Risk, No Cheating! Our sources report that the people in charge of the site not only monitor the private messages sent between players, but have also allegedly tampered with the randomness of the dice in order to give themselves, or a select few other players an unfair advantage in the game.

This of course can not be confirmed by us since we do not have access to the code that runs their game, but however, we have no reason to doubt the information we received is not correct.

Therefore, In light of this new information, we can no longer recommend Dominating 12 .com as a destination to play risk online. It is just not worth the risk. (no pun intended) 🙂 There are several other website that are not only better places to play the game to begin with, but are also more trustworthy in their ownership and operation. We will keep you updated if and when we learn more.

** Updated Reports of Cheating **

Reports of Cheating by the Owners and Staff of Dominating 12 continue to come in from all sources. Please read the comments below as well as the USER REVIEWS.
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  • Interface: 70
  • Community: 35
  • Fun: 35
  • Maps: 45
  • Vitality: 30


  • Reported Cheating by Admins: 0
  • Complaints by Other Players: 0



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    Hi. I am a dinosaur for online risk, having played since 1999 on the MSN server with the original PC game RISK & RISK 2, on the MSN server and warzone server, before all these other risk variants were birthed. I only found and started playing Dominating 12 last year and finally found what I was looking for, for real time risk. I am a volunteered staff member as all staff are from admins, cartographers, programmers and game attendants. I am an admin and can probably tell you that the reports of cheating are probably a player or part of a group of players that were banned for cheating, and were looking for other sites to play risk online and found this review site to give us a bad name, so if you find that as a reliable source then so be it. I beleve we have the most patient and thorough moderating staff and banning players is a last resort. As a player, what I really liked about D12, having played on an unmoderated site for so long, was that it was moderated well, without over moderating, and it promoted fair play. PLAY TO WIN FAIRLY, with it’s unique reputation system. We have site rules that are pretty standard about behavior (language/harassment) and game play. Alliances are allowed as long as it’s to win your OWN game and not someone elses. We have team games format so you can play as a team. As risk players on online sites, we know that it is a clique game, and players can play favoritism, and there is also deliberate attempts at cheating and multiple accounts. The d12 community moderates the site itself really with its reputation system, come play and check it out for yourself. Suicide play is frowned yes, because it’s not playing to win. Do you really want to play a game for hours, then someone decides to ruin a game? All that strategy wasted, all that time wasted for others? We have a resign game feature, or if you just leave the game two missed turns resigns your territories with decaying neutrals, this solves the problem better than having someone flip the board and give the game away. That part of the review is baffling to me, “you cant even suicide”. Anyways, I felt as part of the admin staff having found this review, that I wanted to defend my risk playground mostly, and give you a direct source. Come check out d12 for yoyrselves

    REPLY TO COMMENT: Eventually the Truth seeps out. By SleuthAwathar

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    “Our sources report that the people in charge of the site not only monitor the private messages sent between players, but have also allegedly tampered with the randomness of the dice in order to give themselves, or a select few other players an unfair advantage in the game.”

    just a silly accusation of ex players probably wondering how they were caught cheating, and making assumptions. all games are recorded forever with game logs, of in-game chat and play visible for all. As for the dice accusations, sounds like every paranoid complaint on every risk site.

    Most of

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    I have to laugh when I see “0” as the rating! User rating is “7”, but D12 has been awarded “0” by this (unbiased) review site on the loose & silly accusation of either a jilted cheat or a competitor.
    There have been several reviews of the dice algorithms in the forums due to countless complaints when players don’t get the results they expected, but we all know deep down that even rolling them yourself on the board game, 1 army can defend for up to 10 attacks by the luck of the dice. That’s true randomness! D12 also offers a recent balanced dice option for those that don’t like random results, where it will give a higher percentage of 1 troop losses so in large attacks, you can expect to lose about the same as you kill. Other players prefer the standard dice because you get the chance of luck going your way and killing 100 and losing 50, but when you get the bad luck random rolls, you can kill 50 and lose 80, so then comes the statements “there’s something wrong with these dice” or “someone has hacked the dice” or “the programmers have rigged the dice”. I suggest you read the forums on how the dice programs work and you’ll see that they use the best available system in the world to create the closest programmable version of true randomness available, but remember that true randomness means just that “random”;
    Example 1: (442 | 54) (631 | 64) (322 | 44) (521 | 54) that’s killed 0 lost 8 there, “tampered with?”, no, random!!
    Here’s the flip side.
    Example 2: (442 | 32) (631 | 51) (322 | 21) (521 | 41) that’s killed 8 lost 0 there, “tampered with?”, no, random!!
    Some players obviously complain about the first example situation, but never about the second, but “that’s the way luck rolls!”
    I ask, “why do review sites take information from 1 person as fact, without checking its authenticity and without displaying the accusation to be defended? Why not leave site users / reviewers to decide the site rating and not give an excellent review on a site and then override it with an unfounded & ridiculous accusation?”

    Dominating 12 is far ahead in the field of online Risk and of course attracts descent!!

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    I made an account on Dominating Twelve (DXII) about 2 years ago. I had previously looked at ConquerClub (conquerclub .com) and Major Command ( but I found that DXII was leagues ahead in quality. One look at the wide range of maps (over 40 of them, all unique to DXII and created by volunteers) tells you that the site has a lot to offer. Visually they are excellent, and strategically the possibilities are abundant. See for yourself: dominating12 .com

    Staff are always willing to help, with every question in the forums receiving a thorough explanation.
    Moderating means that the site remains family-friendly and free of vulgarity.
    The interface is clean, simple and uncluttered. This was a deciding factor when choosing a risk site – other sites were far more confusing.
    The different game types, combined with the map variety means that you never run out of interesting options to play.
    Live games (:D) are free (unlike some other risk sites)!
    Finally, all suggestions for site improvements are listened to, considered, and will receive a reply. Therefore, the site continues to improve and stretch further ahead of the competition.

    This is a near-perfect risk site. Only a 5-games-at-a-time limit stops me from giving it a 10/10 (although this is enough games to have a variety of conquests running concurrently). Join by making a free account and find out for yourself whether this is the best risk site of all time!

    dominating12 .com/index.php

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    Piggybacking off of Hoodlum’s reply: I’m a dinosaur with Risk as well. In fact, I feel as if I helped carve Risk pieces out of wood from the original board games back in 1865.

    The relationship Hoodlum has with “Dominating 12” I must say is similar to the one I have/had.

    But add 2 years, a few perks and some very valuable insight. Insights I won’t reveal because it will jeopardize my relationships, thus unearthing the roots that feed me information that has propelled me to voice the chilling dishonesty and crookedness that is embedded in 3 of the top 5 “owners/programmers/admin”.

    My name in itself will show ANY D12 admin/attendant/volunteer/cartographer but ESPECIALLY PROGRAMMERS AND OWNER(S) that I know D12 intensely personal. More probable, in the top 5 of anyone, including owner(s).

    Excluding the original owner, ‘God rest his D12 soul.’ (hint #2)

    Hoodlum is a kind person with good intentions. PT by trade, much like one of my trades is IT. His vault to the inner circle of D12 (voted on by 5 of the admins at that time, one of which may or may not have been mine) was propelled by the players that he brought over from the defunct site that he came from. His defending the D12 site comes as no surprise. His innocence of the D12 inner fabric helps D12’s ‘top 5 brass’, minus 2 (hint #3, specifically for the top 3).

    Not to labor any longer, the bottom line is simply that:

    1- a programmer(s) enjoyed the challenge (of his trade),
    2- in action, in real time (results) with a captive audience,
    3- and REACTION (by the players) to his/her embedding specific DL/LD (die log) action to (specific) games.

    Saved emails, and a few ‘taped’ conversations via voice would have the jury out of deliberation in minutes. The sources that LPRO refers seems to be spot on.

    Hoodlum also brings to point the charge of monitoring private messages between players. Not only is it true, but its also how we based the expulsion or banning of select players from the site. Yes, yours truly was part of the monitoring process. Unbeknownst to me, however, it was used mostly to protect the programmer(s) from any serious threat that would uncover their illicit actions regarding dice logarithm.

    Hood is correct. There is monitoring for clean language, clean play and proper alliances within the game community set of D12. However, behind those properly placed security guards lies a very dark secret, held only by a few.

    It’s unfortunate that a simple online game is the playground of a (few) mislead IT apprentice.

    Just be careful. Especially if you choose to give any pertinent information to this particular gamesite.

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    Imagine you walk into a store and you go in and there’s some huge issues. The lines are long, staff is rude, and the place is messy and disorganized. But the issue is, that’s the only god damn store in your neighborhood and you know it has tons of potential. You want that store to do so well so you go to the manager and you’re like, dude this store has some issues but if you fix them I’ll totally still shop here! And instead of the store owner saying thanks for coming anyway we’ll work on it, he says this store’s problems are your fault for not referring your friends, not buying a membership, and if you don’t like it don’t shop here!

    And thats pretty much my frustration with d12. There are some awesome staff members that do their best to look out for the site. However, there are some “staff members” that are derailing the community that I used to love so much. At d12 there are the regular users and then there are these game attendants, moderators, admins, all who are volunteers and don’t get paid. Like I said, some are great, but some of them are obsessed with their little bit extra power than the rest of us and it makes the community a hostile environment. It’s like the neighborhood watch guy that that turns into a vigilante nightmare and just ends up doing more harm than good.

    The site has SO much potential. The maps are great, the users are usually nice, there’s plenty of options BUT the lag is slow. The glitches are terrible, cheating/ otherwise obnoxious players aren’t harshly penalized enough. But the big problem is some of the staff member’s attitudes. I posted about this in one of the sites public forums and they immediately removed it. They basically told me to shut up or get banned so here I am now. It makes me wonder how many people before me had legitimate concerns that they voiced RESPECTFULLY And got banned from the site to defend someone’s ego.

  7. Avatar

    You hit the nail on the head…but there are 3 nail-heads that you can still be swinging at Kelly!
    The biggest is the absolute cavalier, audacious contemptuous & arrogant manner in which the specific ‘elite’ admins (elysium & his I.T. gang of simpleminded elementary thug hackers) who have decided to play ‘god’ and adjust the dice logarithms.

    The fact that once again, another GOOD risk player has succumb to the obvious manipulation of childhood power. It’s good to see people catching on.

    I not only premium’ed myself but also others. Additionally I gave to Fendi a ‘donation’ to help improve.

    That not only helped me get into the elite but also gave me back end into the secret doors that weren’t locked, allowing me to see the cheating that they’ve played on the user. Hence my quick forced exit once I showed Fendi (said owner of the site) the code. It was hilarious to see the scramble to force not only my mouth to be silenced, but my banishment from the site.

    Their numbers are shrinking quickly while memories of the once bountiful feast that D12 had, brings tears to the eyes of the owner(s).

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    I’m no new guy when it comes to Risk, having played the board game with friends and family for many years, so I went looking for a good online Risk game and found Dominating12. I have some things to say about it because I found out that it’s not run by professional game makers but a load of self appointed wannabe’s!
    It offers so much and gives so little!
    I planned on playing there for a while to get used to how it works and would then pay for membership and get all the extras like unlimited games, colored rank badges, tokens and maps.
    The game options, maps and in-game chat are great and make you want to enjoy lots of different game types with all levels of player, but the administrators are like fascists.
    I had form posts deleted because I mentioned things I didn’t like about the site that could be improved, I had chat removed from the lobby because I asked others if they thought this is the right way for a site to treat its players and I had warning messages about my conduct sent to me by Private Message from some elysium guy.
    I felt stifled and oppressed and let rip on the admins in the forum and my feet never touched the ground on my way out of the door, I was permanently banned! Then there were emails sent to me explaining that I was banned and blah blah. I was so angry that I made a new email address so that I won’t see their pathetic fascist messages anymore.
    Why does this site think that it can tell you that you can’t speak openly and can’t discuss things that bother you?

    I have read a few other posts here and wholeheartedly agree with the ones that tell the true story of Dominating 12.

  9. Avatar

    Nicolastino I was banned for posting that MAYBE some of the admins were coming off a tiny bit aggressive. (By, you guessed it Elysium.) The irony is insane… Too bad Fendi doesn’t realize one guy is running her site into the ground…

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