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WARNING: posting honest reviews on this site apparently warrant a permanent ban.

I had to make another account to ask for a reason as to why I was permanently banned.  FYI, I was chat banned and that’s why I posted here initially but after they found out they permanently banned me from even logging onto the site. I asked why I was banned and this was ely’s response.



Terrible staff/administrative attitudes

Imagine you walk into a store and you go in and there’s some huge issues. The lines are long, staff is rude, and the place is messy and disorganized. But the issue is, that’s the only god damn store in your neighborhood and you know it has tons of potential. You want that store to do so well so you go to the manager and you’re like, dude this store has some issues but if you fix ...[Read More]



Eventually the Truth seeps out.

Piggybacking off of Hoodlum’s reply:  I’m a dinosaur with Risk as well.  In fact, I feel as if I helped carve Risk pieces out of wood from the original board games back in 1865. The relationship Hoodlum has with “Dominating 12” I must say is similar to the one I have/had. But add 2 years, a few perks and some very valuable insight.  Insights I won’t reveal because it will jeopard...[Read More]



The third site I tried

Before discovering Dominating 12, I played at Conquer Club for a while, but after months of being teamed up on and farmed for points in strange game set-ups, I decided to try other sites. I then tried Pogo and this was too basic for my needs. Then I found Dominating 12 and have not played anywhere else since 2013 (2 years). The reviews I have read here are outdated and are not what I have experien...[Read More]

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