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Que de la triche

Bon j’écris en français C’est vrai que j’ai été banni du chat car je leur ai dit que c’est de la triche leur jeu. Surement, certaine fois j’exagéras, mais comme je n’ai jamais de preuves, parfois forcément je me trompe. Mais quand les grands chefs venaient jouer contre moi sur ma carte spéciale, ils gagnaient facilement…!!! Ah bon! Je suis expérimenté, imp...[Read More]

Don’t be fooled there r some crook moderators who can eat ur money and take sides and have no sense of loyalty

Well don’t be fooled the moderators r very distasteful bigots liars and racists besides they will never give u valid reasons always will try to bully its but certain that they will eat ur money and remember no sence of loyalty I played that game for over eight years but they cheated and ripped me off too so everyone be very careful this site is made up of bunch of losers


‘Dice’ on this site are way beyond streaky and abnormal.  The people that run the site are arbitrary and capricious with how they deal with issues, especially if they can revoke your paid status.  In short, the gameplay is outdated and completely unpredictable, the moderation is lopsided and favors certain players and most of the talented strategic players are gone.  Look somewhere els...[Read More]

No strategy for CC’s “Main Map”

I played CC for about 2 months. I’ve also been on a few other sites as well, such as Dominating 12 and MajorCommand. I almost exclusively play the “main” world map on all these sites, and am only commenting on the quality of the game play of the main map. The issue with CC’s main map is that there is almost no strategy required to play it. The connection points between coun...[Read More]

Updated Review

A sad follow up to D12. Same people there in charge with a high turnover in players. Everyone seems to be bitten by the bug of “good ole boys” club. If you call them out or talk down on owner, mngmnt, mods or favorited players, you’ll be banned. Same ole same ole dating back to 2015.

Revisited again, still a sham!

Visited again and yes, Dominating12 Risk is still playing with dice logarithms. Such a bad ownership stealing fair play & money for what?

Updated Review of Dominating12… 9/10

The above review must be very outdated. has almost 60 playable maps, all of which look stunning. The interface is the cleanest I’ve come across amongst risk sites, and the overall site is simple and well-organised. The volunteer staff are helpful and dedicated. The one problem that could be addressed is the difficulty to fill larger games. The site needs more publicity in my...[Read More]

Cheaters til death?

I found the site to be the same as it was when this user below gave his(or her..not) input on how the Risk of D12 community is hoodwinked by elysium5 (and his dozen of other names he uses)to gain monetarily as well as egotistically. What a shame on them. The below story is still the talk because of how they try to cover up their scam and the unearthing of it. SleuthAwathar November 29, 2015, 1:13 ...[Read More]

LetsPlayRiskOnline! – The Most Biased Review Ever!

First and foremost – LetsPlayRiskOnline has one of the most biased reviews I’ve seen that completely casts shade on ConquerClub with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I will be more than happy to provide the pros and cons of a site I’ve loved since 2008 here shortly, right after I say this: MajorCommands user reviews are some of the most blatant copy pasted/bought out/same user ...[Read More]

D12 is the best!

I’ve been fond of this site for awhile, I just really like the community! I have tried other sites (for a day) but would find that there is always something I don’t like that much about them but then again I’m just bias because I like this one so much. Yes you’re not allowed to swear here, boo hoo very sad. So lets be mean to the staff because the owner wants a family frien...[Read More]

From a staff member

This site is owned by major command, and you can find this easily. I find it poor form that it praises and recommends it’s own site highly but will accept the accusations of banned players making false accusations of cheating on another. But it is what it is, and it doesn’t really phase D12, just it would be nice that these risk variants had some respect for eachother. Yup someone made...[Read More]


Mods / admins try too hard. Horrible UI, terribly run website. Not impressed

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