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LetsPlayRiskOnline! – The Most Biased Review Ever!

First and foremost – LetsPlayRiskOnline has one of the most biased reviews I’ve seen that completely casts shade on ConquerClub with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I will be more than happy to provide the pros and cons of a site I’ve loved since 2008 here shortly, right after I say this: MajorCommands user reviews are some of the most blatant copy pasted/bought out/same user ...[Read More]

D12 is the best!

I’ve been fond of this site for awhile, I just really like the community! I have tried other sites (for a day) but would find that there is always something I don’t like that much about them but then again I’m just bias because I like this one so much. Yes you’re not allowed to swear here, boo hoo very sad. So lets be mean to the staff because the owner wants a family frien...[Read More]

From a staff member

This site is owned by major command, and you can find this easily. I find it poor form that it praises and recommends it’s own site highly but will accept the accusations of banned players making false accusations of cheating on another. But it is what it is, and it doesn’t really phase D12, just it would be nice that these risk variants had some respect for eachother. Yup someone made...[Read More]


Mods / admins try too hard. Horrible UI, terribly run website. Not impressed

Bad review is a ban

The staff dont like bad reviews or people giving input.

DO NOT PLAY HERE – Me and my friends nightmare with this terribly managed website.

So last night my friend gives us all a link in discord for a game of risk. Its to dominating12. We all create accounts and started playing (6 of us) and it was a private game with password locked. We were crap talking in chat and said the F word. An admin named “Hoodlum” joined immediately and muted anyone who swore. Didn’t matter to us that much since we were in discord anyways....[Read More]


The admin Hoodlum is insane. Me and my friends joined the site to play a game of risk casually. We made a private game and we swore. Oh no. Hoodlum joined and muted us all. Next day we joined to play again and he was messing with our game. Then we all got banned. All over saying the f word. We even apologized and were ready to move on. Guy is insane do not play here.

Absolutely horrible

staff are stupid, powerhungry 14 year olds, UI is horrible and hoodlum just bans anyone he pleases

Do it

I joined the community in 2013 because I had a lot of time to kill at my new business. Now I don’t have that time really, but I still make time to come back and play because the community is so good. Past gamers welcomed my back with open arms, and new gamers put up with me! This is a site for those who are serious about gaming, but also want to have fun. I wouldn’t want to play online...[Read More]

Major problems don’t get solved

1) Having 1st turn means you’ve got a 62% chance of beating your opponent (in a 2 player game, against an equally experienced opponent) 2) You can’t quit a game that you’re obviously gonna lose so if you don’t spend another 5-15 minutes finishing this game to help your opponent cash their points, opponent is likely to complain, rate you dishonorable or even leave a negative...[Read More]

Terrible sit to play

not a fun site at all, no reason to even waste your time.  Bad choice of maps, poor computer interface.  Program locks.

LandGrab is awesome!

OK, so first of all, I’m bias. I’m a member on LandGrab, and have been since 2010. I’ve stuck around all this time because I genuinely love the site. It’s so much more than classic Risk. So yes, most maps are of poor quality, but there’s 5 different categories of maps, and those rated Gold or Silver are generally of very high quality. LG has some amazing mapmakers, an...[Read More]

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