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A lot of diversity of fun

Once you start playing risk online you’ll quickly get tired of the very few maps most websites offer. They all just seem the same after a while. You’ll just thread on hoping, waiting for something new. CC offers such a vast database in maps that you’ll never get tired of them(and they’re visually much better than warlight). Personally I’m the kind of player who prefer...[Read More]

The only Risk site you’ll ever need

Play Risk online at and you will be completely pleased. The user interface at Major Command is easy to learn and the game maps are the best you can find. It is a testament to the addictiveness of this site that whenever I open my browser I am instantly compelled to check the site for turns or new forum posts. It’s been that way since I joined back in 2011. Sure, the site has...[Read More]

Seriously Kickass Strategy Gaming

Major Command is a good website to Play Risk online for free! It has awesome maps and gameplay, everything you get from risk and a whole lot more! Plus it’s funny but the internet is a terrible place for interacting with people. There’s basically no chance that a person will be nice to you on the internet, but like someone in the Major Command community said, It’s like majorcomma...[Read More]

Years of Fun

I have been playing on Majorcommand for close to 5 years now.  I have seen the site progress and I’m glad I stuck around.  There are a few technical issues every now and again which I hope will be fixed during this update but all in all the user interface is simple and cosmetically pleasing.  The variety of maps and game play are amazing.  If they can get those couple of glitches fixed with ...[Read More]

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