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LandGrab Net ( is another older site that you can play the classic board game Risk but they have kept on innovating. While the interface is decent, the maps are mostly poor quality as anyone can upload anything, but there are some standouts. The real strength of LandGrab Net is in its endless rule customization which can offer a lot of replay value. The community is strong but is mostly confined to the forums.

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LandGrab Net ( is a website that gives you the chance to play Risk like strategy games online, albeit with a rather outdated web design and interface. Despite feeling a lot older than many alternatives, LandGrab Net still has the core functionality that any good online Risk game should have.

Players at LandGrab Net will need to sign up via email address to start using the website. Once you have signed up, you can jump straight into a game, or connect with others in land grab forums.

On your profile page, you can keep track of your game stats, including details on your game wins, losses, average win ratio, and LandGrab rating. There are a selection of 24-hour-turn games, and quicker 5-10 minute turn games. Both of these can be created and hosted by players, so you can easily set up a game to play amongst your friends.


At the top right of the screen, you will have a small action panel that lists the games you are currently in. This spot will also notify you of any new turns you need to take. You can also access your profile from this panel.

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The Land Grab profiles are no way near as extensive as some other online strategy games, like At War for example, but you are given enough information about your game history and play stats. You can also unlock achievements by completing certain tasks in-game, and the achievements can be seen on your profile page.

When it comes to actual gameplay, Land Grab risk is fairly straight forward. When you first start a game, countries will automatically be split between the participating players. On your first turn, you will need to choose your capital country, and after this you can then place down your first set of reinforcements.

After reinforcing, the attack phase will begin. To attack, you simply need to click on the territory you would like to attack from, and then click on the territory you would like to attack. You can then choose to attack with 1, 2 or 3 dice, just like standard Risk.

In the Land Grab rules, you’ll be able to learn about the dice roll system for attacking. By initiating an attack, dice rolls will be simulated for both you and your defender. As with a standard game of Risk, the defender gains the advantage, so equal dice rolls will go in the defender’s favor. Defenders can roll a maximum of 2 dice.

Similarly, when you take at least one territory in your turn, you will be rewarded with a territory card.

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The one difference between playing the Land Grab game online and a standard game of Risk is that in LandGrab you must use the capital rule – if a player captures your capital, you will lose the game, and your troops will join forces with the player who invaded your capital.

Whilst the basic Land Grab rules offer one of the most vanilla Risk experiences online, there are other maps you can play on, so if you get tired of the standard Earth map, there’s more than enough to choose from to mix things up a little.

Like other online strategy games, LandGrab Net offers a premium subscription service. Whilst the game can be played for free, paying for casual or premium membership can offer different rewards.

The casual membership costs $3.50 per 3 months, and for this you will receive 7 max active games. The premium membership costs $2.50 for a month, $20 for a year, or $60 for a lifetime. This subscription will give you unlimited games and you are also allowed to play with multiple accounts on a single IP – this is useful for playing with your family online.

Compared to other online strategy premium subscriptions, you aren’t getting that much for your money, but it is completely optional. The prices have been chosen to help cover bandwidth, so whilst you can play four games at once for free, paying that extra dollar a month will help the Land Grab website owner cover server costs and as an exchange you can play more games at once.

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LandGrab Net Summary

If you’re looking for a free vanilla Risk game online, then LandGrab Net may be for you. There are many other alternatives to LandGrab Risk, but this game is great for those who just want to jump into a game without having to learn about extra rules.


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