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Major Command In-Game Feature Overview

Major Command Risk – Video Major Command Game Screen options and Features What’s up, guys? Badorties here and I’m just going to quickly run down the in-game features that you’l...

Major Command Risk – Basic Turn

Make a basic turn when playing Major Command Risk This video describes how to take a basic turn. It includes choosing the colors for your army, deploying, attacking, reinforcing, and ending you turn. ...

The Twelve Domains – New Map

New map Introduction: The Twelve Domains by Major Command Hi, everybody. It’s the Shepherd here and I would like to introduce to you our new map called The Twelve Domains. It is unique conquest ...

Evolved Map – A Cornerstone Of

The Classic: Evolved Map Video transcription: Hey, guys, BeanZ here. I’m going to do a walkthrough of my game and it’s Hadha in here. I’m trying to zoom out, but I can’t do it ...

Major Command Nukes, a New Risk Map

New Risk Map – Introduction to NUKES by Major Command Hey, guys. So I just wanted to go over this new Risk map that we’re releasing here this evening. It’s called “Nukes” It’s ...

Major Command – Join Real Time Games

How to Join Real Time Games at What’s up, people? So, you want to join real time games? What you want to do first is go to the “Games” tab right here. This will show the games y...

Major Command New Users – First Steps

First Steps To New Users – Video What’s up, new users? Badorties here. Welcome to Major Command. If you’re looking at this screen right now, you’re probably a new player. You s...

Major Command Risk Game Interface Design

Major Command Risk – Interface Usage Instructional Video Watch this 5 minutes instructional video explaining the Major Command Risk game interface design. Meet the basic features and lot to take...

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