Dominating12.com – Review

** Please Read Update At The Bottom Of The Page Regarding Cheating ** Dominating12 makes a valid attempt to improve upon ConquerClub but is not ambitious enough. The interface is moderately better, but without a large selection of maps and a vibrant community, it just can't compete. Still, it's cleaner and functions quite well. There has been some change in ownership so its vitality is in questio...[Read More]


Play Risk online at Major Command. Once you Play Risk online at MajorCommand.com you won't want to go anywhere else. Major Command is one of the newest and best places to play strategy games like Risk board game. Created by a group of dissatisfied players from a rival site, Major Command does a lot of things right. At Major Command the user interface is easy to learn and the game maps are the bes...[Read More]

ConquerClub.com – Review

The old guard of online Risk, ConquerClub has been around for a long time. It's built up a large audience and a lot of maps, but not much else. The gaming interface is cumbersome and outdated, and the maps are nothing special to look at. The site hasn't seen a facelift since it started in 2006. It is not an easy site to navigate. The aging community is still strong, but out of control discussio...[Read More]

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